Squse Me - Misel Ady Make Up Shield Mist 50Ml Rose

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A hydrating movie is established on the exterior of your skin to showcase the makeup finish, boosting the adhesion in between the skin and the makeup, as well as stopping the beauty products from collapsing as a result of drying. Fairly vibrant skin surface (Aurora Pearl in). Has hydrating ingredients to defend the skin of yours from dryness. Barrier to skin from cigarette smoke and also exhaust fuel (contains root extract). It's a gentle movie, even in case you laugh, it's hard for wrinkles to build up. Relax whenever you employ (Rose scent). The way to utilize: Since the pearl pigment is precipitated, make sure you put it to use after shaking the planting container well. 30cm off experience, good eyes and mouth & apply 3 4 times over experience. Don't touch after spraying, hold off until dry.