Kose - Visee Glossy Rich Eyes - 8 Types

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An eye shadow quad prints out immediate luminosity plus dimensional for much larger hunting eyes. Features a pearl like shiny finish, clean feel along with rich color gradation. Contains Pure Gold Powder to make your skin a healthy glow as well as a dimensional color. Contains Glossy Base to make a long lasting finish. Developed with hydrating ingredient to nourish your skin and stop dryness. Fragrance free. The way to use: With finger tips, blend top left Glossy Base coming from the essential sides of the eyes to the space beneath the eyebrows. With moderate chip, blend the top right tone all around the top eyelid. With moderate chip, you cna put on the low left color to part of the top of eyelid overlapping the top right shade. With tiny chip, line the low right color on the top lash one third as well as line of the lower lash line out of exterior nook.