T.s.w - Top Coat Lip Fixer 5G

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Many kill lip makeup setting fixer has specific gas and that forms a transparent moisture layer on the lips of yours to reduce smudging & smearing for highly effective shade fix Gel style feel softly adheres on your mouth with a smooth finish Witch Hazel, several berry extracts, Sambucus Nigra Fruit Extract and Macadamia Oil content stop moisture damage to prevent your lips hydrated throughout the day Use before beauty products for nourishing radience and boost adhesion of base beauty products; usage for layering during beauty products phase to even skin firmness as well as improve adhesive capacity as well as setting power The right way to utilize: one. Right after putting on lip product, wait for thirty seconds. two. Just before making use of the fixer, shake well until finally the subject material is in a clear gel style rather than petroleum form. three. Dispense a modest amount and also spread over the mouth of yours uniformly with dapping. four. Try to leave it for one minute for drying out.