Sokamocka - Jun Ji Jun Gel 90G

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While replenishing moisture coming from the external part of the epidermis, it helps bring about circulation by succeeding massage friendly, resulting in bouncy, full bodied firm skin from within the skin. Yuzu aroma of hundred % organic zest. How you can utilize: Use of serum - After conditioning your skin layer with product as well as moisturizer every evening and morning, use a cup of spatula on the palm, placed it on five spots (both cheeks, temple, chin and nose) of the face area. Distributed throughout the whole face away from the middle for the exterior. Enable you to massage while utilizing belly of index finger, ring finger, middle finger, 4 tiny hands. Take out of mask - use two times a week as being a guide to enhance the effects. Following conditioning your skin layer with moisturizer or lotion, have four cups of spatula in the palm and set for five regions (both cheeks, nose, forehead, chin) on the experience. By the middle of the experience to the outdoors, squeeze the food grains and disperse more or less over all areas of the experience. After three to five mins, slowly hold in tissue papers. In case you're worried about stickiness, gently use.