Isa Knox - X2D2 Original Hydra Special Set: Skin 150Ml + 20Ml + Emulsion 130Ml + 20Ml + Cream 30Ml + Soothing Mask 1Pc 6 Pcs

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An exclusive set features X2D2 Original Hydra Collection from ISA KNOX which in turn primarily relieves fatigue skin as a result of anxiety or perhaps external green irritations by fierce conditioning. one. X2D2 Original Hydra Skin: - Highlighting the main key compound - Juvinity, vital moisture is delivered by it as well as readies skin for all the steps that will follow to assist absorption. - Can certainly be applied to the early morning along with evening following cleansing. - Suited to Neutral and Combination Skin Type. two. X2D2 Original Hydra Emulsion: - A moisturizer combats locks and signs of aging moisture. - Use following printer toner in the early morning as well as evening. - Suited to Neutral and Combination Skin Type. three. X2D2 Original Hydra Cream: - A skin product purifies epidermis and also beefs up moisture barrier, passing on to you a refreshened yet nourished finish. - Use in the very last point of elementary epidermis care. - Suited to Neutral and Combination Type of skin.