Peach C - Peach Cotton Blusher - 6 Colors Rose P Cheek

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A daily, ultra-fine powder blush that focuses on pores and uneven surface, while shooting motor oil for a soft, fresh peachy flush.Benefits: A day cheek blusher for a beautiful cosmetics exterior as peach. Offers colour on the cheek for any long lasting vivid as well as beautiful finish. With excessive temperature issue as well as much less smudging with Cotton Blusher. Colour Chart: Coral P Cheek - a gentle coral colour for a lovely and pure finish. Apricot P Cheek - a bright overall tone tangerine, apricot colour for a sweet finish. Reluctant P Cheek - a strawberry milk as yellow colour. Rose P Cheek - a tone downwards khaki colour for a elegant surface texture. Peony P Cheek - a gentle peach colour. Lavender P Cheek - an extraordinary lavender colour. How you can use: Apply a good degree on the cheek with a blush symmetrically.