Shiseido - Elixir Whitening Clear Emulsion 130Ml I Fresh

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Stops moisturizing and also whitening ingredients brimming with lotion. As the brightness goes on, the regular skin perception of yours will transform. Skin with a bright, bright and firm appearance will will begin to show. Certainly no matter what touch type you believe, the skin of yours won't really feel sticky and you'll be content with a full moisture content. Features whitening active component 4MSK. Suppresses the manufacture of melanin as well as helps prevent patches and also freckles. 4MSK (4 methoxysalicylic acid potassium salt). Sharp emulsion C one: Refreshing and fresh feel. Sharp emulsion C two: thick, smooth, and Moist feel. Sharp Emulsion C three: Very hydrated and also mellow feel. The way to use: After solution, take somewhat bigger compared to a 10 yen coin on polyester, match with hands, scissors, along with face which is round.