Shiseido - Maquillage Dramatic Mel Rouge Ex - 10 Types

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The transparent color is quite high gloss, is often remarkable even fresh & beautiful. Natural beauty oil drilling born rouge. The carefully selected aesthetic oil melts out there in the mouth area, as well as in case it's put on fast as well as used for two seconds, it is going to change the gloss and coloration thickly. Shape the tone out of unadulterated to ornate with one. A aroma which usually invites you being feminine and gorgeous. How you can utilize: Use two to three mm of the contents and slap on straight away to the mouth area. How you can apply to the mouth area changes the gloss and color ink, you are able to like the finish transition. To get one feeling, a fresh impression. Put on a reddish tip to the middle of the reduced lip for aproximatelly two seconds, and after that permit the magnificence oil melt. Spread it all around for a glamorous appearance. Pack Size - 4g