Sana - Maikohan Pure Moist Makeup Base Spf 30 Pa+++ 10G - 2 Types

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The widely used cosmetics foundation is revitalized with a center on moisture retention and transparency. It contributes to moist as well as softer gray skin. Silk powdered (silk) smooths pores of the skin and problems as well as smoothes skin evenly. Additionally, cherry colored polarized pearls give the skin of yours a beautiful gloss and also clarity. 200 % serum composition: cherry blossom extract, camellia motor oil, soy isoflavone 200 % when compared to regular items (all moisturizing). Also, the water and also oil repellent strategy repels sweat & sebum to keep the makeup of yours intact. The way to use: After using skin to the skin of yours, distribute a suitable volume (pearl size) within the whole face as well as use.