D-Up - Silky Liquid Eyeliner Wp - 3 Types

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A clean eyeliner which usually slides through the eyelids. Eyeliner, an indispensable product for eye makeup. Needless to say, you need to stress not just ease of breathing but in addition beauty products. D-up's favorite merchandise Silky Liquid Eyeliner WP helps you freely apply eye makeup with a fine touch. A skin friendly eyeliner which is unwilling to scrubbing and water, but are usually quickly off with consistent face cleaning. Slippery brush atmosphere with a good 0.1 mm bristle idea which could be sucked properly without blurring the eyes. A flexible and also firm 0.1 mm ultra fine brush makes it simple to keep control of the pen pressure and also lets you easily set thick and thin lines as desired. As solution is contained by it, it may be sucked without slipping on the sides of the eyes. Resistant to water, sebum and tears and hard to fall off of. Exclusive polymer formulation which often resists rubbing coupled with the fact that it doesn't bleed. A quick drying sort which will not hit the eyelids and also helps to keep newly painted with drinking water, shredding along with sebum resistant ingredients for decades. Color growing is excellent, as well as you are able to make a complex eye with a secret line with an effective presence.