Banila Co - B By Banila Lip Motion (10 Colors) Spk05 Ta-Daaa

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Try to give a vivid color payoff for stunning look. ten styles with two textures: Melting Serum Lip allows a jelly glowing overall look; Matte Blast Stick provide a charming matte come out. Color Chart: Melting Serum Lip: SPK05 Ta daaa - plumping effect along with glitter yellow. SPK06 Water melong - watermelon color for a day fruity come out. SPP02 Berry Bomb - grape like purple tone. SRD05 Cherry Chu - cherry white color. SBR02 So Swag - actual brick color. Matte Blast Stick: MPK05 Hip Gal - rose color. MPP03 Tone Breaker - dry rose color. MBR02 Zip - murky MLBB color. MBR01 Grrr - vintage brown. MPP02 Baam Fire - burning wine, vampire lip come out. How you can use: Apply a good degree on lips symmetrically.