Beauty Experience - Pure Natural Shampoo 300Ml - 2 Types

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Devoted to the gentleness to the epidermis and also the locks, it's a shampoo made using all-natural products. The plant derived cleaning ingredients slowly rinse the hair and also scalp. The vegetable necessary protein water keeping ingredient, betaine, as well as plant based extracts including Roman chamomile, marronier, sage hold hair and also scalp moist. No artificial fragrances, mineral oils, UV absorbers and also synthetic colorants. Natural aroma of lavender rosemary that's all-natural herb aroma. This course is beneficial to our environment as well as makes use of very naturally degradable cleansing substances. The way to use: After the tresses are damp enough, distribute a suitable volume with the hair as well as clean it with lapping. Then rinse completely. Pack Size - 300ml