Anacis - Vela Shape Resculpting Gel 150Ml 150Ml

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Helps with body shaping in lasting mild heat. Improves dimpled and irregular skin due to cellulite. Improves firmness as well as skin resilience with great hydration. With Vela Remodeling Complex that contains Remodulin & very clean caffeine for body contour re sculpting. With Vela Shape Complex that contains Aquaphilin plus nine types of peptides for in fact and heartier skin surface with hydration. With Vela Deep Thermo Complex to supply cold weather sensation with the purpose to boost body temperature by 0.5 1 degree Celsius easily for helping smooth blood flow. With ninety five % of Hydrogenated Lecithin for a much better absorption for long lasting outcome and established ingredients. With nine essential oils to assist body tightening and blood flow. How you can use: one. Use a tiny volume on the great body part well and massage for a while. two. Examine the cold weather feeling two minutes after placing as well as slap on one more volume in case you're feeling not enough.