Sana - Power Style Mascara Black

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Downward eyelash likewise will get upwards. Make sure you are gorgeous eyelashes. Superb curl power. Make with great fast drying fixes curl and also blinks dried out. Even though soaked or perhaps scrubbing it helps to keep upward eyelashes. Little thin brush. A compact thick brush of hair style goes into the hairline' s hairline and slowly raises it coming from the root. Lower eyelash. Shorter bristles also get a slim kind brush for an attractive distinct eyelash. Great durability. Great h2o proof. Adopt excessive water repellent film formulation superb on adhesion and endurance. Sweat, sebum, wetness bounces again, it's difficult to blot, as well as you won't suffer a loss of to rubbing. Sports and also ocean sporting activities OK also. Essence fluid ingredients (panthenol & collagen) formulated.