Ishii Clinic Beauty Labo - Skin Collage Freeze Dired Collage Sheet For Face 1 Pc

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This's a therapeutic class freeze-dried collagen sheet which had been built using Advanced CryoSafe Method that had been created in Germany. It adopted triple behavior collagen which includes a virtually identical collagen framework as seen in our skin three kinds of collagens, insoluble, namely, soluble as well as peptide perform on the skin of ours to counteract skin problems and sustain radiance and resilience of skin which is good. How you can use: Wash the face of yours in the early morning or perhaps at night. When you've toned the skin of yours with skin lotion and this sort of, set your skin collage on the experience of yours when it nevertheless doesn't incorporate moisture content. Applying it on the face of yours shall be tough in case you moisturize your skin collage in advance. Soak cotton as well as this sort of with purified water or perhaps skin product, keep the sheet with care, add moisture content until it becomes clear and put it on the experience of yours. Pack completely for fifteen to twenty minutes. Once you're finished with the package, tone your skin using the normal dairy lotion of yours or even cream.