Aveeno - Cracked Skin Relief Balm 11Oz

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DESCRIPTION: Add a level of safety to the skin of yours. Because of our moisture rich Triple Oat Complex, this kind of hydrating balm is able to help shield the skin of yours from winter weather s drying effects. And so say so long to chapped, cracked skin and hello to becoming hydrated throughout the day, out of mind to toe. What's CICA? CICA originates from the French term Cicatrisation. AVEENO Cracked Skin Relief CICA Balm is created to powerfully hydrate & assist correct problem skin. Helps protect & ease cracked skin Helps lessen moisture damage Hypoallergenic Gentle enough for dry, vulnerable skin Fragrance free, steroid-free and paraben-free Uses: Aids in averting and temporarily helps to protect chafed, chapped, and cracked skin. Helps you stop and also defend through the drying out influences of winter weather and the wind.