Nature Republic - Cotton Armpit Kit: Cotton Armpit Wash 80Ml + Cotton Armpit Whitening Cream 50Ml 2 Pcs

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Includes active ingredients from magnolia. Cotton Armpit Wash exfoliates the skin of yours without problems plus causes you to feel fresh new. Cotton Armpit Whitening Cream will make the skin of yours very soft. Niacinamide has whitening impact to the armpit of yours as well as the materials from green tea leaf extract soothes the skin of yours. How you can make use of Cotton Armpit Wash): one. Put on a modest quantity to the armpit of yours while you're taking a shower. two. Massage softly and rinse. How you can make use of (Cotton Armpit Whitening Cream): one. Dry off the system of yours after shower. two. Take modest quantity as well as lightly apply over the armpit of yours.