My Scheming - Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask Set 3 Pcs

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Deep Pore Sebum Softener 20ml x one Penetrates pores greatly to swiftly dissolve piled up old oil and dirty old horny to advertise ordinary metabolism of recuperation and skin keratin of skin. Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask 60ml x one Natural energetic bamboo charcoal delivers advanced absorption power and also will help control oil secretion of skin to take you a very clear, shiny epidermis. Epidermis Clarifying Pore Treatment Essence 20ml x one Provides heavy hydrating as well as hydration to skin with pore lessening impact. Restores skin elasticity for just a fuller, safer, plus more radiant skin. How you can use: Step one: After face cleansing, use correct volume with gentel massage to preferred skin area. Wait until acne breakouts on skin being softened prior to putting on fix two. Step two: Apply correct volume on skin spot using formula one sooner to develop a solid layer of cover up covering epidermis and pores of the skin completely. Wait for 15 20 minutes until it is dry looking then tear off of the covering with care from experience. Step three: After using a face mask, use right quantity of product or service on face with safe pats to safely and effectively eliminate pores for a more healthy looking skin.