Neogen - Surmedic Super Hyaluronic 100Tm Aqua Skin Care Set 4 Pcs

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This kind of Super Hyaluronic hundred Aqua Skin Care Set is sold with: Skin 140ml + 30ml Emulsion 120ml + 20ml Benefits: Dermatological Tested. With wrinkle development performance. An serious epidermis moisturising set in place come with portable size and also detailed size. Greatly moisturises skin with three sizes of Hyaluronic Acid. Skin: Offers moisturising program with no gooey feeling later. Contains Vitamin C ingredients to perk up skin tone for an important glorious. Emulsion: With Ceramide to create a moisture barrier to avoid moisture damage, thus to maintain skin moisturising. Restores epidermis resilience with the patented substances Collageneer. How you can use: one. Right after cleansing, you cna put on a good level of the facial skin on the face area evenly. two. Following ampoule, you cna put on a good level of the Emulsion on the face area as well as pat carefully for more absorption.