Utena - Yuzu Hair Mist 180Ml

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Non enhancer healing mist composed of 2 individual layers. It will require being shaken before usage. The normal water layer mixed with Yuzu berry juice and/or Yuzu ceramide (moisturizing ingredient) enters moisture content to the center of the hair. The motor oil covering mixed with home-based Yuzu oil (moisturizing ingredient) coats the locks surface area while restoring harms to improve shine and also body. Double-moisturizing result enables you to keep the hair installed while including glorious gloss. Silicon free. Scented with bracing Yuzu zest. The way to use: About fifteen % oil is mixed, therefore use a minimal volume in the beginning. Shake effectively. Shake nicely therefore the twelve levels are mixed (aproximatelly ten times). Spray aproximatelly five to ten cm from your spray and hair it throughout. After getting ready with hand gauze or perhaps brush, finish with all-natural drying and dryer. Make the stopper OPEN as well as empty out a few times until the contents come out.