Kao - Asience Rich Treatment 180G - 2 Types

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The hair center is loaded and also repaired in accordance with the hair quality. Till night is stayed by elastic luster hair. Has hydrating products. Better when used continually in the series. Pomegranate berry extract, honey, pearl protein (hydrolyzed conchiolin), succinic acid, aloe extract, malic acid (moisturizing). Water For firm hair quality. For hair style which transfers and is also hard to unite. Hydrating variety. Heavy floral oriental smell loaded with attractive charm. Volume For very soft hair quality. For simple tresses. Delicate elasticity style. Compacted floral fruity fragrance filled with attractive charm. The way to use: After washing, gently bleed dry and use a suitable volume straight away to all areas of the hair. It's better to try plenty on the nervous item. Then rinse.