Mandom - Bifesta Facial Wash 120G - 3 Types

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Bright-up face wash resulting in one tone dazzling vine like epidermis. Plant-derived gentle fibre (cellulose) catches the dark places on the pores and also the dirt is not missed. two hydrating ingredients, to guard the moisture content and clean up without a feeling of tightness. Cleaning foam which makes for a shiny and bright skin. Certainly no smell, absolutely no style, alcohol free. Distinct Face cleaner with pores plus horny distinct variety. Mandarin orange peel extract (keratinous soft) gets rid of outdated horny skin as well as cleans up the smooth skin. Dual Cleansing Makeup remover + face wash sort. The moisturizing cleansing substances created from the solution help to remove cosmetics and dirt while defending moisture content and cause clear bare skin. Wet Moist variety moisturizer. NMF (natural hydrating factor) (PCA Na) formulation brings about wet skin beauty skin. How you can use: Take a suitable volume (aproximatelly two to three cm) on the palm of the hands and also moisten it with lukewarm water or water, and after that rinse completely. Pack Size - 120g