Ancels - Color Treatment Asian Black 200G

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At least ninety % of ingredients are handled with style butter. Healing is cure color that contains colored hair dye. Suguremono which sells hair color while hair treatment just isn't hurt hair solution. Each and every time you shampoo it is going to be of course fabulous in color ink, for this reason it is not too difficult to alter color significantly. Miracle Treatment which in turn runs hair color and also treatment in identical time frame. You are able to dye hair uniformly and sufficiently without any unevenness from the beginnings to the ideas that the hair dye is used. This amazing locks butter colors by replenishing colours and you also are able to make use of also for permed or extended locks. You are able to additionally combine colors which are different. How you can use: Remove the water with a soft towel after shampoo, uniformly affect an entire hair, rub very well. Combs and also fingertips are OK. Lap and then leave it for ten to fifteen minutes. It's stated that there's a lot more therapy impression when warming with a dryer, etc. It's done by scrubbing out.