Pdc - 1 De Bijin Dense Moisturizing Face Mask 10 Pcs

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Condensate four results of lotion + loveliness serum + milky lotus + cover up on one piece. Selected wakan moisture ingredients as well as penetrating collagen (hari taya component) components. It is going to moisture on the backside of skin (stratum corneum), results to firm skin. was screened by efficacy assessment. Established the consequence of pulling in lines much less apparent by drying. How you can utilize: Use on skin right after cleansing. Open the bag and remove the mask sheets 1 by a single. Correct the eyes as well as lips elements to the face area of yours, then simply permit the remainder healthy. Go out of the mask for aproximatelly ten minutes as it's, get rid of the mask, give it time to in the palm permit the liquid fusion.