Kyoto Komachi - Maccha Facial Treatment Mask 15 Pcs

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A 3D skin mask which often helps prevent skin dryness with the help of a good amount of beauty fluids such as for instance natural and organic hyaluronic acid, EGF, FGF, raise placenta, vitamin C, and collagen to natural pesticide free matcha leaves and also tea leaf extracts from Uji, Kyoto. The 3D slit (manufactured by a manufacturer's patent) in the mask enhances the healthy no matter the form of the face area as well as unevenness, as well as increases the adhesion to the skin and farming heart, allowing it to slip into your skin without the need for gaps. The way to use: After cleansing the face area, take away the sheet away from the bag and slowly spread it. Match the role of your lips and also eyes, then use the fingertips of yours to get it into touch with all areas of the experience. Take away the mask after 10 15 minutes. Lightly use the serum continuing to be on the skin of yours to your neck and face.