Kanebo - Lunasol Velvetful Eyes - 2 Types

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A four color set eyeshadow compactly jam-packed with a mix of velvet expressions which often slowly undulate. You are able to enjoy rich one-tone beauty products with a strong, very similar color gradation. From matte to lustrous, 4 shades with various textures overlap, producing a really velvet like deep gloss plus strong look. How you can use: Brush the glossy highlight in the top of left corner with the whole eyelid with a lightly brush. Blur the rich primary color coming from the bottom level left for the eye opening with a solid tip. Position the matte shade color in the bottom directly into facial lines on the eyes. Spot the velvet nuance color on the top of right with the finger of yours in the middle of the eyelid, as well as apply gently to the left and also right. Drop in the glossy highlight on the top of left with a solid suggestion aproximatelly 2/3 from the internal nook of the cheaper eyelid. Drop in the matte shade color on the reduced right with a small suggestion aproximatelly 1/3 from the outside corner of the eye.