Kenkou Corporation - Hot Clay Gel 60G

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The persistent blackened dirt and grime on the skin pores is a plug made of a mix of unneeded sebum from the skin pores plus outdated keratin. Drying and also hardening of skin may in addition trigger horn plugs. Take advantage of the Hot Clay Gel to be utilized after cleansing the face of yours to carefully say goodbye to pore dirt and grime and roughness, and find smooth, smooth, plump, and pores skin. How you can utilize: Use 2 3 times a week as per the skin quality of yours. Right after cleansing the face area of yours, have a suitable amount, stay away from the location close to the eyes of yours, lightly apply in a group to places that roughness and earth are worrisome, and after that rinse nicely with running lukewarm water or water.