Koji - Nailist Nail Art Seal - 5 Types

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Nail art technique sticker in cooperation with widely used nail hair salon tricia. It's nail seal which expert class mote nail is able to enjoy by detail which is effortless simply to place. Ring finger and also index finger which in turn placed studs and stone on model stand out as 1 point, fashionable design. How you can use: Apply nail color and hold on for it to dry out entirely. Meticulously remove the nail seal away from the digital movie and put it on the curve of the nail. The very best layer is used from above and finished. It is going to be tough to can be removed if painted two times. In addition, it is going to last longer when the very best layer is overcoated every 2 3 days. Tips on how to peel off: Use a remover. When it's hard to peel, lightly scrub with a wood stick etc. with no force.