Carezone - Nordenau Water Set 5 Pcs

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This specific Nordenau Water Set is made up of: Toner 170ml Essence 75ml Aqua Peeling 80ml Dark Zone Eye Cream 5ml + 5ml Benefits: Free from dangerous ingredients such as for instance Mineral Oil, Ethanol, and Synthetic Colorant. Nordenau Water infused to take hydration while reinforcing skin shield for a dewy, radiant skin tone. Mixed with Blue Green Algae Extract to produce soft, revived skin. Nordenau Water Toner: This gentle toner soothes skin which is vulnerable by giving you immediate hydration. Nordenau Water Essence: This relaxing essence feeds skin for moisturising, soothing benefits. How you can use: one. Put on a good volume of the Toner around epidermis structure following cleansing. two. Pat lightly for much better absorption. three. Lightly spread a modest degree of the Essence within the whole face. four. Knead with care to help absorption.