Isntree - Hyaluronic Acid Deep Moisture Water Mask 20G X 10Pcs 20G X 10Pcs

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isntree Hyaluronic Acid Deep Moisture Water Mask. Infused with three types of hyaluronic acids to supply extreme hydration to the skin of yours. Results in a moisture barrier to avoid moisture damage in skin. The patented MG:gel sheet adheres very well to skin and doesn't lead to irritation to skin. Appropriate for pretty much all skin types. Dermatologically tested. How you can use: one. Right after cleansing, prep the skin of yours with toner. two. Place the mask sheet on the experience of yours with the shield digital movie facing outwards as well as put on carefully to make sure the mask is in touch with your skin. three. Take away the shielding film. four. Leave for 15 20 mins as well as get rid of the gel sheet. five. Pat at every excess essence onto skin for greater absorption.