Rohto Mentholatum - Mediquick H Scalp Moist Lotion 120Ml

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Mediquick H Scalp Moist Lotion is a therapeutic solution for the hair follicles which keeps dandruff and itching with a center on dried up dandruff scalp. 4 healing components as well as 2 hydrating ingredients enhance the hair scalp setting. Weakly tangy, non-colored and fragrance-free. The dandruff that had been dry looking along with dry looking, the hair scalp was itchy and dry, and you also concerned about hair loss. When such a warning sign is worrisome, it might end up being worn each day as being a prevention after the warning sign has improved. Works with a round nozzle which could be applied straight away to the hair follicles. Use a tiny volume right on the hair follicles. A heavy milky lotion is going to blend into the head of yours. There's no importance to rinse out. Pack Size - 120ml