Artpe - Smile Care Solution Set 7Packs 7 Packs

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An anti aging eye plot infused with skin regenerating active ingredients such as arginine, anemarrhena asphodeloides root extract, along with hyaluronic acid to advertise a younger appearance. Helps you decrease the look of laugh lines while repairing the firmness in the region. Offers a groundbreaking Micro Pyramid DDS Technology which the active materials with every single microneedle enter in the epidermis membranes without destroying the skin. How you can use: one. Soft towel dry off the face area of yours after cleansing. two. Take away the white-colored shielding movie with a dried out hand. (Be certain to never touch the microstructure in the middle.) three. Position the plot on the middle of the specific spot (make sure the location is dry). Slightly press the plot for five seconds to affix it. four. Get rid of in the following day morning.