Yes To - Yes To Tomatoes: Daily Clarifying Cleanser, 95G 3.38 Fl Oz / 95G

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You will not be capable to counteract yourself from staring in the mirror, changing of cheek to cheek and taking a look at that beautiful glow radiating from the fresh and clean skin of yours! Yes to Tomatoes Daily Clarifying Cleanser uses the skin's ph levels while taking out unneeded oils and harmful particles, refreshing and purifying the lovely skin tone of yours. Go in front, spend some period of the mirror checking out yourself out there - you are beaming, beautiful, and balanced! For: Oily Or Acne Prone Skin The right way to use: Apply skin wash to the damp face of yours and then rub carefully in modest circular motions with the fingertips of yours for about a moment. Rinse nicely with water which is warm, pat dry and savor your rejuvenated, healthy beauty!