Shu Uemura - Lasting Soft Gel Pencil Eyeliner - 12 Types

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This gel eyeliner pencil allows you to skillfully develop the eye zone of yours and accentuate the eyes of yours, with the straightforward software of a pencil as well as the delicate, lasting energy of a gel. This intensive gentle gel pencil includes an ultra fine 1.5mm stage for smooth application as well as properly accurate lines that remain along from day time to evening. The premium system is will, tear-proof, and waterproof not smudge for twelve hours. The sustained gentle gel pencil produces a quick color payoff plus an irresistible and determined overall look. How you can use: Lift the eyebrow with the fingertips of yours to stretch out the eyelid a little bit. Mark a starting line around the lash line in minimal strokes from exterior nook to internal nook filling in the spaces in between the eyelashes. After that bring an excellent line on top from exterior nook. When retracting formulation, make certain not retract much more as it's pretty creamy formula, it can't grow back.