La Casta - Aroma Esthe Styling Foam Volume Up 150Ml

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It's a foamy styling agent which creates a natural and fluffy volume for hair that is soft and thin hair and hair & Kosi disappears with age as well as the best renders it petanized. Heat safety outcome protecting hair from heat injury of hair dryer, and therapy outcome to correct hair interior, giving flexibility and flexibility, maintain fabulous style and hair for hours on end. A refreshing scent of citrus floral combined essential oils including grapefruit as well as chamomile. How you can make use of: Use it for hair which is dry. Lightly stretch a suitable amount (two to three push) together with the palm of the hand of yours, permit it to conform to the part in which you would like the amount of hair. Following that, blow it to come up with the root of the hair stand up by having a hair dryer.