Milani - Brow Fix Eye Brow Powder Kit

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Description: Want brows that will wow? Here is how! Take up a browmance with the brow fix set up of ours. This specific Milani Brow Shaping Kit is going to get the brows of yours on stage with 7 expert resources to safeguard you will be the foremost polished man or women in any kind of space. Tweeze, set and color such as a pro, accentuating the adventurous brows of yours with courageous glamour. The system includes a 3X magnifying mirror, so that you are able to have eyes on the brow scenario of yours in virtually any time. This compact eyebrow set up satisfies discreetly in the container of yours, for this reason you will have always it when it is necessary. Direction: Shade as well as Shape the most effective brow of yours with our flexible eyebrow makeup set up. Develop hitting looks for every situation with the confidence associated with a pro makeup artist. This specific system is better applied to the action, as well as it is a staple piece for virtually any makeup collection.