Charm Zone - Topnews Albatross Set: Aftershave Toner 130Ml + 25Ml + Moisture Fluid 130Ml + 25Ml 4 Pcs

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A skincare set which often moisturizes and then soothes male's tired skin. Aftershave Toner: A blend of your skin lotion and also heart, with botanical components which help soothe inflamed skin right after shaving and also firms pores, making skin recharged and tight. The way to use: After cleansing or maybe shaving, take a suitable volume as well as softly tap the face of yours. Moisture Fluid: A blend of milk product and also heart that gives moisture and nourishment to dry skin, making skin moisturized, firm & promising. The way to use: After washing and also utilizing toner, evenly distribute a modest degree across experience.