The Saem - Pure Natural Hand Treatment Mask 1Pair 8G X 2Pcs

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Hand treatment cover up enriched with Paraffin and Shea Butter to deliver abundant nourishing substances to dry out, general hands & nails, rejuvenating moisturized, elastic hand epidermis with radiance Contain Chamomile and Pomegranate extracts to secure fine hand skin from damaging outside aggressors Double practical product or service in which Niacinamide helps you brighten flat hand skin while Adenosine enhances facial lines at hand to produce young, clear skin express Tips on how to use: one. Clean the hands of yours and also dried out properly. two. Take out the merchandise as well as distinct two sides over the dotted line. three. Use the clothing hand mask soaked with subject material and correct the mask by connecting the adhered sticker band close to your wrist. four. After 10 20 minutes, get rid of the hand mask and also lightly rub the remaining essence until thoroughly taken in.