Kose - Maihada Cleansing Massage Puff 1 Pc

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It's a skin cleansing massage puff which more increases the influence of heavy bubbles. The area which often rolls on your skin is hundred % silk created of cocoon of silkworm. With gentle and soft touch, I persue the existing stratum corneum & earth. It's as sleek as improving slinkle including. The part which often rolls on your skin makes use of hundred % silk. It became aware soft, very soft, luxurious comfort. Silk fibre with care gets rid of dirt. Polish on your skin that I assumed was slippery while getting rid of outdated horn without burdening the peel. When included in conjunction with Softan laundry detergent, you are able to stroke the skin of yours perfectly with much more abundant bubbles. The way to use: After as well as lots of lukewarm water of the puff, gently squeeze. to be able to boost lathering, make sure you damp the face area and also palm. Right after using the face cleaner in the entire puff, mix with puffs. Take care until it becomes a delicate bubble. Massage gently in order to draw circles while kneading your skin without kneading the skin. Following that, rinse totally to ensure that there's simply no rinse sink in the hair style growing.