Angfa - Scalp-D Beaute Shampoo Moist For Woman 350Ml

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anti aging SPECIALIZED CLINIC DATA BASED TECHNOLOGY: Scalp D Beaute Series have actually been invented by health care provider who's specialized on female and anti-aging hormone. Produced IN JAPAN, six FREE FORMULATION, ALLERGY TESTED: Silicone free of charge. Petroleum-based surfactant free. Paraben-free. Synthetic preservative free. Artificial perfume free. Phenoxyethanol free. Safe for skin which is vulnerable and in addition during pregnancy. FEMALE HORMONE:THE REAL Reason behind WOMEN HAIR LOSE: forty % of the item is infused with Original soymilk ferment filtrate, that add important hydrating attributes with the purpose to rebalance not simply hair scalp s maximum moisture levels, but in addition female hormone to protect against hair get rid of radically. RECOMMENDED FOR: drying, dehydrating scalps. Light but effective to maximize moisture level for smoothing as well as straightening tresses. Refreshing and also pretty floral fragrance.