Omi - Sun Bears Sunblock Spf 50+ Pa++++ Strong Super Plus 28Ml

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It's serious for wetness sweat, it's difficult to drop down, which makes it great for pleasure. White doesn't stay, file kind transparent variety. Fragrance of rejuvenating grapefruit (slight smell). For body and also face. SPF 50+ - Indicates the influence of protecting against inflammation in white and protecting against UV B wave resulting in blackening is a lot more than fifty occasions that of bare skin. PA++++ - Implies that the influence of stopping the UV A wave attaining the backside of skin as well as resulting in increasing age of your skin is really high. The way to use: As it's a two layer variety shake more than the bottom and top, please spread evenly for the skin. So as to keep impact, re-paint regularly, wash it by using a soft towel also / and even after swimming. Rinse very carefully with basic face cleaner for getting rid of it.