Rohto Mentholatum - Care Cera Ap Face & Body Milk 200Ml

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Ceramide in addition to formulation (moisture ingredient). For skin which is dried out or skin which is vulnerable. Dihydroxy lignoceroyl phytosphingosine (moisturizing ingredient) Rotopharmaceutical engineered on the planet for at first chance in makeup. Essential reexamination of your skin feature, useful body therapy born from dermatological studies. to be able to dried up skin routinely patting of skin which is difficult. Ceramide barrier treatments to defend and also work towards the ceramides of skin. Provide moisture content to boost the barrier function of skin. To greatly hydrate your skin to an awesome skin. Ceramide Plus Combination (Moisturizing component): Supplementing vital water for barrier performance + Peptide CP. It's a breeze to spread a lot within the full body with a soft sensation of use, and is also easily informed about an emulsion type. seven sorts of all-natural style ceramide (moisture ingredients) blended. Weakly tangy, hypoallergenic, paraben free. Certainly no smell. How you can use: Take a suitable volume in the palm of the hands of yours and permit it to fit in the location you value your body and face. Pack Size - 200ml