The Saem - Healing Tea Garden Green Tea Oil In Cleansing Water 300Ml 300Ml

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Harsh Cleansing Power: This washing drinking water is merged with eighty % of cleaning water as well as twenty % of oil, sturdy enough for yourself to get rid of heavy cosmetics. Blending with green tea extract as well as green tea seed extracts, that cleansing water types help to boost water retention of the facial skin of yours. The water layer carefully removes dead skin cells as well as base makeup, although the motor oil covering melts the cosmetics like lipstick and mascara. The way to make use of: For base makeup reduction and cleaning: - Shake well before use. - Apply proper amount holding a cotton pad, massage carefully to get rid of makeup, wash with water which is warm and washing foam. For serious makeup removal: - Shake the container prior to use. - Apply proper amount holding a cotton pad, and set upon the preferred area and hold on for 10 15 seconds. - Lastly, wash throughout the desired area.