Hechima Cologne - Skin Lotion 60Ml

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Epidermis LOTION from Hechima Cologne collection! This kind of SKIN LOTION is a pretty long selling product and appears to have been liked by many individuals, since introduced in 1915! Containing all-natural Loofah (Hechima, in Japanese) Water, plus it brings about smooth and moist skin. Loofah (Hechima) drinking water has become implemented as beauty bath since age-old times. Healthy proteins in Loofima water will help skin physiology, Vitamin C suppresses melanin pigment, Enzyme and Pectin render the skin smooth of yours. Additionally, it's been established that a few varieties of saponins, and they are inovative ingredients, are unwilling to increasing age by the skin activation action of its. The way to use: After cleansing the face of yours, position the product on the cotton and pat the face of yours with the polyester with care. The solution may be made use of for children's skin which is vulnerable as well as for body which will probably dry off.