A;T Fox - Black Tea Gleam Fitting Primer 80Ml

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A beautiful tea time for smoothing the skin of yours out there with charming black colored tea fragrance. Pampering the essentials and much better firmness and elasticity. Oil mist for hydrating finish: Jojoba oil comparable to your skin lipids permeates into pretty much all aspects of skin as well as provides epidermis rich moisturized. Mixing into the most effective number of oil & water keeps learned moisture from evaporating and properly wraps around skin. Oil drilling hydrating & Gleam installing effect: Provides moisture and also nutrients into skin at any given time. The oil of its inhibits moisture from evaporating as well as helps to keep skin hydrated and vibrant for the whole day. Almost all in just one, multi oil: With the original sensation of application onto skin, it's functional for facial skin, body and in addition locks, and properly cares for dry skin. How you can use: Shake nicely to blend the 2 phases. Mist all over face prior to dab as well as make up with fingertips to tone the skin of yours.