Kose - Visee Crystal Duo Lipstick Limited Edition - 3 Types

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It's a two-layer building of sharp level style part with heavy transparency, as well as it's a lipstick with a feeling of omission & a bloody gradation just like exuding from the interior with one single coat. Distinct layer: Uru Tsuya impact. We understand lightness of feeling of transparency, gloss, nobility It obviously blurs the color level to produce a sense of omission. Style layer: bloody sensation. Offers a sensation of wonderful color and moisture with no grime. Saturated color variations. It's simple to complete with sexy and feminine lips by blurring with sharp level. The pearl type (SP sixty) is able to modify the nuance while you would like to put in some pearl to the lip of yours or even blur the normal color of the lip to offer a feeling of omission. Has beauty heart components. Try to give moisture content for the mouth as well as keep it from drying. Fragrance free.