Pdc - Liftarna Deep Clear Liquid 20Ml

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Swab off of dark patches and also dirt from around the nose of yours until it is clean and smooth. This face cleaner developed specifically to clean out around the nose of yours has two fold enzymes. Pore-softening substances work to soften and also purify built up pores while 2 sorts of enzymes work in concert to look after the skin of yours as well as allow dirt-removing and deep cleaning. Additionally, cynara scolymus (artichoke) leaf extract operates to tighten up pores for smoother looking skin area. How you can utilize: Use this specific product after cleansing the face of yours and getting rid of too much water from the skin of yours. Put on a suitable volume (1 2 drops) to a cotton swab. Try to massage into darkened or rough places close to the nose of yours.