La Casta - Head Spa Scalp Brush 1 Pc

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It's a brush for the hair follicles prepared by stuffing the know how of the top spa brush boasting marvelous recognition at La Casta. 2 kinds of pins with various thickness and also hardness suits the hair scalp as well as solidly gets rid of pore dirt while providing a fantastic stimulation. Probably available in Japan exceptional fragile machining of unique array and also pin application engineering, while slowly touching the fine scalp with care clean. For scalp cleansing, brushing, shampoo. How you can use: Holding most of the pins in between the forefinger as well as the middle finger to ensure- Positive Many Meanings - it fits solidly against the hair scalp. When carrying the brush, we should go the pin to ensure it doesn't get from the hair scalp. By the hairline to the very best of the top. Move the lightly brush with the photograph of which zigzag solidly drops pore earth. Additionally, clean the T zone with a great deal of sebum secretion solidly. It's a spot to go in little increments over the T zone. Cleansing While raising awareness of lift up, it scoops out of the hairline toward the roof of the top. Massage shampoo To ease the scalp, massage in order to get a circle while putting the entire brush from the hair follicles.