Onaomi - Scar Treatment 10Ml

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Get rid of Appearance of Scars. From pimples, cuts, C-section, stretch marks, burns, injury, surgery, scrapes and insect bites. Has Vitamin A, Arbutin, B5, E, C, Licorice. O'Naomi Scar Treatment is created to enhance and also diminish the texture and consistency, visual appearance, and discomfort of scarring. It successfully flatten, smooth, as well as lower the discoloration of older and new marks and keloids. Ingredient: Vitamin A, Arbutin, B5, E, C, Licorice. How you can utilize: Use right after the wound is perfectly healed. Use correct quantity of o'Naomi Scar healing on essential area. Recommended using twice 1 day (Day & Night). Stay away from contact with outdoor activity or perhaps sunlight during intervention. For the very best outcome, use continually each day. Shake just before usage.