Nakaichi - Pur Blanche Thick Lotion Ex 120Ml

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Face Lotion from Pur Blanche collection, by NAKAICHI. Pur Blanche collection features quite a lot of beauty ingredients from different points of view, for instance, anti aging, antioxidant, anti-glycation, hydrating and so forth. Crucial ingredients of Pur Blanche collection are Damask Rose Extract (Oil, Water etc.), Apple Fruit Stem Cell Extract, and Cherry Blossom Flower Extract. The Thick Lotion EX is done by beauty serum, as well as has thirty three beauty ingredients, such as Pur Blanche's fundamental ingredients (Damask Rose Water and Oil, Apple Fruit Stem Cell Extract, Cherry Blossom Flower Extract). The Lotion fits appropriately plus penetrates deep into your skin to direct. Placenta Extract as well as Royal Jelly Extract are very well combined for brightening, as well as Fullerene, Xanthophyll as well as Coenzyme Q10 are found for antioxidant. Cherry Blossome Extract, Peony Root Extract, and Pomegranate Flower Extract may also be combined for Antiglycation. Apple berry stem cell extract, Water Soluble Proteoglycan, and also Acetyl decapeptide 3 are has for anti aging treatments. The fragrance of rose.